5ft Wooden Flag Pole & Bracket Kit (Light Wood) 5' Five Feet Wood Flagpole & Cast Aluminum White Bracket

Quantity: 1
Sale price$24
  • Pole measures 5 feet long with 1inch diameter
  • Light Grain Wood Ball Top
  • 2 Sections joint at brass screw connector 
  • Includes Anti-Tangle Rings
  • Flag sold separately
  • $24 Each or $12.50 Each/12

Durable 5-foot wooden pole with 1-inch diameter in light wood grain finish. Two piece pole with brass joint-screw connector. Wooden ball topper in light wood grain color.
Equipped with 2 anti‐tangle rotating rings & clips to prevent the flag from wrapping; the bottom rotating clip is adjustable to accommodate most standard size flags. Pole can be used with sleeved flags or grommeted flags.
Includes ABS Plastic white bracket for easy mounting. Bracket allows the flag pole to hang at a 45° or 90° angle.
*Cannot mount 2 poles simultaneously

  • Outdoor Use - Glossy wood varnish finish to help protect against rain and weather
  • Anti‐Tangle – Two rotating rings & metal clips to prevent flag from tangling
  • Quick Mounting – Pole includes bracket and four mounting screws
  • Fits Most Flag Sizes – Bottom rotating ring and clip is adjustable to accommodate a variety of sizes

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