Trump Bumper Sticker Program 40 Position Rack & 2000 Bumper Stickers Assorted Trump Best Sellers

Program: 40 Position Rack & 40 Trump Packs Bumper Stickers
Sale price$1,098

You get the following in the Trump Bumper Sticker Rack Program:

1 40 Position Black Iron Spinning Rack...$144

40 Packs of 50 of the Best Selling President Donald Trump Bumper Stickers...$1,000

Designs will be all or almost all of the top selling designs as illustrated.  All bumper stickers are 100% Made In USA quality American vinyl.  

The rack is key to displaying them in a 1 to 2 square footprint for maximum profits!  

Total Promotion Cost...$1,098

Retail Value at $3 Per Bumper Sticker...$3,000, Your Profit $1,956! 

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