USA 1912-1916 Boat 2'x3' Flag ROUGH TEX® 100D

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100% Rough Tex ® Flag Bunting Fabric

Waterproof & UV Protected

Brass Grommets & Canvas Header

$17.76 Each or $3 Each By The Dozen

During the 19th century, for its smaller-sized ensigns, the U.S. Navy used a 13-star flag which became known as "boat flag" due to its predominant use on boats (i.e., launches, gigs and tenders). The Navy appears to have started this practice in the 1850s and is formally documented in the Navy Regulations of 1864. The reason for the lesser number of stars was so that the stars in a smaller size flag would have greater visibility at a distance. Because they flew smaller-sized ensigns, the US Navy's first submarines and destroyers in the early 20th century also used the 13-star ensigns. In 1912, President Taft formally recognized the Navy's longstanding use of the 13-star ensign in Executive Order 1637

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